Eighty8’s Latest Offers

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga Tues 7.30AM – Majura Park

Yoga Thurs 12.45PM – Brindabella Park

Increase your flexibility and relax the body and mind with our Yoga classes. Yoga at Eighty8 Fitness is 45 – minutes of balanced practice that focuses on breath, strength, endurance and lengthening. The first half of the sequence is a regular, spinal and joint warmup, to create a moving meditation in which practitioners can focus on their breath and connecting breath and movement in unity.

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Sprint 88

Speed, Power and Agility Training for all sports

Want to get fast? Our 6-week speed training program kicks off on February 23 and aims to improve the fundamentals of your overall speed. Designed for ages 10+, we work with you to improve sprint technique, coordination, acceleration, jumping power and repetitive speed to improve for all sports.

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One week free trial

At Eighty8 Fitness no workout is ever the same, which is why we offer a week free of training so you can try a variety of classes. Enquire with us today to see if Eighty8 is right for you!

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