Eighty8 classes are designed and programmed specifically to give you a flexible, sustainable and balanced training week.  We offer a range of strength and fitness classes that cater to all levels of fitness, with all exercises and session types having the option to be modified and scaled to suit,  meaning previous gym experience is not necessary.

The Eighty8 teams core focus is helping all of our members to achieve their short and long term goals, using a personalised approach to our classes, class programming, benchmarking and assessments.

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Transformer +

Focusing on our four baseline movements – Squat, Deadlift, Bench-press and Pull ups, transformer + is an optional low intensity strength component aiming to improve technique, lift efficiency, strength and power.


Train harder, faster and at a higher level for max energy system development– Are you ready for the challenge?


A mix of high intensity interval training, power and conditioning based workouts. Utilising a variety of bodyweight/Cardio based exercises, power and functional movements.


Balancing out your training program is essential and often your flexibility, mobility and posterior chain can be overlooked or under developed.

On Fridays we focus on making your upper back, glutes, hips and hamstrings as strong and as durable as then can be.

Added spice with an all-out HIIT finisher.

Super Session

A full hour of mixed strength and cardio training. Loud music, good vibes and members pushing each other to the limits! Now that’s how you want to start your weekend.


Reach your full athletic potential through our sprint, speed and power training program.  Our elite program caters to all types of sports and is designed to help you increase your speed and power with a focus on your sprint technique, speed strength/power and endurance, acceleration, repetitive and change of direction speed.

Available in classes, private group and 1 on 1 membership offerings.


A mix of high intensity interval training, power and conditioning based workouts. Utilising a variety of bodyweight/cardio-based exercises, power and functional movements.


Covering the three most important aspects of strength training which results in you getting stronger, building muscle and improving your strength endurance.

  • Low intensity, low rep, raw strength component.
  • Moderate intensity hypertrophy based strength movements.
  • High intensity strength endurance and conditioning based block to finish off your session.

Shared personal training

A shared personal training membership offers up to 4 PT sessions per week with a qualified Eighty8 trainer. Our tailored programming and one on one training methods, aim to help you achieve your health and fitness goals! Shared PT membership also includes unlimited classes and general access.


Adding a mid-week High intensity boxing session to your training plan is the ideal way to help improve your conditioning levels, de-stress, and learn a new set of skills.  We also incorporate a range of body weight, cardio and functional exercises to give you the full body workout!!


Thursday Yoga at Eighty8 Fitness is moderate Vinyasa Hatha practice. It is a 45 min balanced, following practice of yoga that focuses on the breath, strength, endurance and lengthening. The first half of the sequence is regular, spinal and joint warmup and vinyasa, so as to create a moving meditation in which practitioners can focus on their breath and connecting breath and movement together.

Corporate Packages

Our corporate packages are tailored to suit your company’s needs in health and well being. Our team building activities are aimed to improve group dynamics, build relationships amongst colleagues while creating a social element to the working environment. The team building exercises allows individuals to overcome mental barriers and improves decision making skills. Our activities and challenges are tailored to suit all fitness levels in a fun, safe environment. They will work on improving there physical strength and conditioning, technique ques, mental alertness, productivity and the development of leadership, communication and trust. The packages that we offer are flexible and can range from a single day of activities to a 6-10-week block to get the best possible outcome for your company.

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